Site Update

Recently, I have been porting my old WordPress site (and by my site, I mean this) over to a Jekyll-powered, GitHub Pages-hosted, static site (Note: if you’re reading this then I’ve already deployed the new version of the site). My reasoning? about 33% intrigue, about 33% saving hosting bills, and about 33% for teh lolz.
As my site is now hosted on GitHub, you can see all it’s gooey inner working by viewing it’s repo.
As you can see, at the moment the design is basically the same as before, but I still have intentions of improving it. I think it will be easier now I’m using this system as I have it locally so I can hack away at it safely without the risk of completely screwing it up online. Also, as it’s a repository I can use all of Git’s features, such as branches, in the development of the site.