Finally, I have shaken free of that horrible ‘coming soon’ landing page. What was I thinking?! So, welcome all to my new website. Currently it is still being constructed but I just wanted to get something out here to fulfil the promise of something coming soon. You have all (if anyone is still here) waited a long time for that bloody page to change. Hopefully this is a good refreshing change and nothing else.

Now, there are, at the moment, two parts to this site. A projects portfolio and the blog. You are currently reading the blog (incase you weren’t aware). The portfolio spans two sections, the featured section on the homepage and the projects section on the navigation bar. I intend to add, change, remove, alter, fix, and move many of the aspects of this site but those two elements should be the sturdy pillars that ensure that the site continues to exist.

I feel like I should let you know where I am at, personally, right now:

  • I have just finished my first year at Nottingham Trent University studying Computer Systems (Networks)
  • I am eagerly awaiting results for the above
  • As I am faced with a relatively long summer I have devised myself a couple of projects:
  • iOS development (learn, build, publish [what to publish, unknown as yet])
  • THIS!

So, what is ‘THIS!’? Well, a little while back I had a chat with @vmdaemon about me, my feelings, and my goals. His helpful advice led me intending to create a portfolio and a blog (again, at least my 4th attempt at blogging) to attempt to showcase. I took a day out of revision to get a good host, install WordPress, and set up a subdomain and started planning ideas. The next weeks I kept thinking about all this but focused on revision and doing well in my exams (see point two of where I am at). And now I’m not at uni and free as a cloud (an iCloud?) to do as I wish, I decided to move this to www. and start adding vital content.

I think that’s all I really have to say at the moment. Just remember: this is a project, it will be worked on more, don’t judge it too harshly yet.