A blog about the renovation of; why it’s an ongoing project, why I’ve done it, what it will involve, etc.

My welcome post in Blog serves well as an introduction to this project, you might like to look at that.┬áMy domain name “” has been the title many things over its life time; a blogspot blog, a blog, a tumblr blog, various iWeb created monstrosities, a hideous but HTML5 and CSS3 valid ‘coming soon…’ page, and finally this website that you’re currently visiting. It is my intent that this one will stick. Though, the definition of stick will be fluid. I aim to change the site, evolve it to my needs.

Before this website I hadn’t installed WordPress on a web server and even thought I use GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting, I decided to empty the directory and install it myself. Due to not having any prior knowledge of WordPress I found a theme to install, courtesy of I made a few adjustments and got it to a point where I was satisfied.

As a side note, it always fascinates me that companies will use header or logo that is an image when the same effects could be┬áreproduced in CSS so I decided to try it out myself. I decided on the text {robert.Shippey;} for my header as it looks developer-y. I then set about styling it, it will work at it’s best in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera but will degrade elegantly in Internet Explorer. I also managed to get the embedded font to work in all browsers.

Obviously this is my project so I have complete freedom to do what I want. I would like suggestions about how to improve the site. If there’s something you don’t like about it, please let me know! All feedback is helpful.